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Welcome to The Cutler Property Group, a Montreal based real estate developer and investor specializing in comprehensive property development, hands-on asset management with a value creation focus. The Cutler Property Group has been active for more than 33 years in the North American real estate market.
The Cutler Property Group has developed and owned approximately 1.5 million square feet of obsolete or under utilized commercial and industrial space. From identifying opportunities, acquisition, due diligence and execution of development strategy, the Cutler Property Group manages all aspects of each project. For a summary of major projects visit "Past Major Projects" page.
The Cutler Group has owned a portfolio 25 investment properties including multi-residential, retail, office and industrial buildings. Applying constant oversight and the highest standard of property management, the Cutler Property Group has achieved exceptional returns of 20%+ IRR on its investment Properties.
The Cutler Group advises local and international on real estate development projects and preforms investment analysis on revenue properties. In addition to providing expertise in investment analysis, the Cutler Group provides expertise in environmental consideration and other externalities that can greatly impact investment outcome. As the Canadian real estate market blends more and more into the global economy, it has become increasing prudent to apply the skills and expertise of the Cutler Group to ensure success in any real estate endeavor
The Cutler Property Group specializes in all aspects of distressed property asset management. This service is available in all real estate markets across North America and can range from expert consultation to direct on-site engagement. We specialize in: - development / construction completion for mismanaged real estate projects; - Asset Management of developed properties for protection and enhancement of value; - Environmental Risk Assessment / Decontamination or Treatment - Property Management through our association with a national property manager ( press release to follow shortly) - coordination of leasing, sales or re-financing


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